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This child in Eastern Sudan is severely malnourished. In good times this is a harsh environment, but with conflict the situation is made dramatically worse.

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Kibera has grown over the past thirty years from a small community to one that now has a population exceeding 1 million.


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The Church in Africa is engaged in pastoral care, including looking after AIDS orphans. The Carpenters Kid's program in Tanzania is a very good initiative helping over 2,000 children

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There is a lot of concern about the state of the world, expecially poverty, hunger, disease, war, violence, injustice ... the list goes on ... most of what is being done is ineffective. We know there are problems.

Why? How?

What can a person do about it?
  1. We have developed Community Impact Accountancy (CIA)
  2. We are deploying CIA so as to have more knowledge about communities.
  3. We are building a database so that critical information is more easily accessible.
  4. Last, we are starting to mobilize funds so that high performance development opportunities can be financed.
Is it possible to have meaningful success? We believe so ... the technology to do all of this is available ... and there are enough good people and supporters to make this a great success.

Much information ... mostly unused!
There is a huge amount of information about relief and development, but it does not inform public policy, nor help a person do something useful. Global leadership seems to be concerned with wealth and power for an established elite ... and much less with solving problems that have been keeping much of the world destitute.

Tr-Ac-Net is developing a web based vehicle to get data together to serve the need for performance metrics for socio-economic progress. The basics of this initiative are that the cost should be low ... near zero ... and the value should be, as MasterCard might say ... priceless. This can be a dream come true for billions whose potential is constrained by a system that is controlled by people and organizations with wealth and power ... and a nightmare for those whose wealth and power is based on being the world's best at spin and misinformation.

The need for transparency has been on the agenda for ever ... but it has been rare for leadership to embrace it. This era is no different. While there is talk about the need for transparency, there are few organizations that do much about it. Worse, a large amount of information is merely designed to send a message ... little allows a transparent view of what is actually going on.

Without transparency, accountability is difficult, if not impossible. Decision makers have a virtual free hand to make decisions with or without taking into consideration the public interest ... knowing full well that there will be little or no accounting for performance and therefore no accountability. What is so serious is that few of the institutions that the public relies on behave in the public interest, and hardly anyone is paying attention ... and certainly not the leadership.

Community Progress Analysis
The development and deployment of Community Progress Analysis is a Tr-Ac-Net initiative to change the prevailing paradigm of socio-economic metrics. It has some elements of business accountancy but considers not only the money flows and profit, but also the value consumption and the value creation within an organization and within the community. Using the community as the reporting entity changes the perspective of socio-economic performance. The aim is to be doing activities that have a favorable impact on the quality of life in the society

Sports' fans know how a game changes when the statistics and the scoring system are changed. The same goes for socio-economics and decision makers in the corporate business community and government leadership. We know that corporate performance is organized around the rules for reporting and the calculation of taxes. Why not have metrics so that impact on socio-economic performance is part of the dialog and the decision making!
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The ability for the public to see and understand what is going on.
The process that makes people responsible for the impact of their actions.
People around the world committed to faster, peaceful socio-economic progress.

Community Impact Accountancy (CIA)
A system of accounting that applies to society as a whole and not the organization alone

Tr-Ac-Net is raising funds to deploy CIA and to help get resources where they can do the most good.

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